"Racism isn’t born, folks. It’s taught. I have a 2-year-old son. Know what he hates? Naps. End of list."
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The Force shall free me.: THIS JUST IN






  • No matter how racially specific an author is about the color of a character’s skin, ethnic/racial background, there will always be an excuse to make them white.
  • No matter how offensive and…

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This is actually a huge issue for me in terms of the kinds of men I attract/am attracted to. I often attract “conscious”/”feminist” Black men who have said things to me like “you’re so different” or “you’re not like those OTHER (ratchet, uneducated, unclassy, unintelligent) Black women” and it blows my mind that they think denigrating other Black women is the way to my heart (or any other part of me).

Women are not deserving of human treatment if and only if they live up to your standards of intelligence, femininity, class, etc. Women are deserving of human treatment 100% of the time because women are human 100% of the time. And that goes for all women—that means strippers and video girls and single mothers and sex workers and drug addicts. That means women with weaves and relaxers. That means queer women, even if they will never be your wife or your girlfriend or even your friend. That means trans women. ALL WOMEN DESERVE HUMAN TREATMENT.

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"Stalking Latino Women: “In another instance, during a crime suppression operation, two MCSO officers followed a Latina woman, a citizen of the United States, for a quarter of a mile to her home. The officers did not turn on their emergency lights, but insisted that the woman remain in her car when she attempted to exit the car and enter her home. The officers’ stated reasons for approaching the woman was a non-functioning license plate light. When the woman attempted to enter her home, the officers used force to take her to the ground, kneed her in the back, and handcuffed her. The woman was then taken to an MCSO substation, cited for ‘disorderly conduct,’ and returned home. The disorderly conduct citation was subsequently dismissed.”"

10 Worst Things Arizona’s Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio Has Done | Civil Liberties | AlterNet

i appreciate that the top ‘worst’ things done pinpoint what this asshole has done to Latinas. I am highlighting this section in particular because Driving While Colored is far far FAR too often represented as something only men of color have to deal with.

having said that, i do wish that they had also highlighted what is being done to trans Latinas—if cis women are being physically humiliated and shamed with their period blood, I can’t even imagine what trans women are going through. especially when trans women in detention centers that AREN’T run by this asshole are in horrific situations.

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the bad dominicana: i am now 350% sure white people care more about animal rights than they do racism.








How much do you want to bet that if they saw footage of animal abuse, and footage of the shit PoC have to deal with every day, they’d be more…

Why “douchebag” is an awesome insult:



When you call someone a douchebag, what you’re literally saying to them is,

“You think you’re so great, but your existence is actually totally unnecessary and your main function is probably toxic. Also you shouldn’t be allowed near anyone’s genitalia.”


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let’s talk about hard femme. 

femme is deliberately, intentionally, and aggressively feminine. femme is being feminine with the knowledge that the patriarchy is looking over your shoulder and you’re shoving a big, sparkly, studded, painted middle finger in its face. the aspect of hard comes in when you add a tough, rough, frayed, steel toed edge to the femme aesthetic. 

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I dont believe in possessive relationships


i hate my, mine, or his 

i dont belong to no one.

slavery is over.

if i want to fuck someone. i will. 

NO one owns me. 


Some White Americans use “Chinese food” as an example of Chinese people being unassimilable and not adapting to American culture. (Some White Americans even believe that the popularity of “Chinese food” in the United States shows how Americans accommodate and embrace minority cultures.) The reality is that “Chinese” American food is an example of how Chinese immigrants bend over backwards to create dishes customized for White American tastes.

ding ding ding! 

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